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ship's wheel


ship's wheel
Ro-Ro (Roll-On Roll-Off)

Welcome to The Boat Trader Company !

We are a group of marine specialists with more than 20 years of International Boat Shipping, Container Loading, Ocean Transportation, Boat CE Certification, Boat Brokerage and Boat Repair experience. Our goal is to assist international boat and yacht buyers around the world to buy, prepare for shipping and export boats with trailers internationally.

After your boat is arrived, we begin the shipping process by manufacturing our custom made steel cradle. After we successfully secured your boat with straps on the cradle under a certain angle, we begin a loading process by moving the whole structure (boat on the cradle) inside 40’HC container. This method allows our customers save on average 30%-40% on shipping cost compared to Ro-Ro (Roll-On, Roll-Off) and Lo-Lo (Lift-On, Lift- Off) methods which we also offer.

We can accommodate the industry leading boats with maximum dimensions of 39’5″ length, 8’6” beam and 7’8” height inside a standard 40’HC container. As an exclusive packing agent we partner with  USA Inter Cargo (Freight forwarder) to offer our clients a complete service from boat shipping to worldwide export (freight forwarding).

We offer you the best on the market one step boat buying experience as we offer all the services under one roof. We offer competitive shipping rates from any port in the Europe to any International destination.

We can also pick up of your boat from any Europe based dealership, Marina, Home, eBay seller, our Annoncesbateau Auction, dry storage, etc. After your boat arrived to our loading facility, we inspect the boat, drain fluids (gas, oil, water), disassemble windshields, remove tops, disconnect batteries, etc. We can move boats on trailers or build customized cradles for international shipping. We take care of all Europe export documentation and formalities, issue transportation documents and provide marine insurance for international boat shipping.

We can also assist you in purchasing new or used boat from local and national auctions, dealers and other sources.

We provide a complete survey report from local surveyors.

Please send you boat shipping quote and we will reply with a fast and free quote!

Services that we offer but not limited to:

  • Boat International Shipping / Export

  • Boat Container Services (International Shipping)

  • Ro-Ro (Roll-on Roll-off) (International Shipping)

  • Lo-Lo (Lift-on Lift-off) (International Shipping)

  • Boat Shipping Cradles (International Shipping)

  • Boat Packing and Loading into Container or on the Cradle (International Shipping)

  • Ocean Freight Purchase (Partners with USA Inter Cargo)

  • Boat Inland Transportation

  • “All Risk” in transit (cargo) Insurance

  • Boat Brokerage & Purchase Services (Escrow Service) with safe payments via Bank Transfer, PayPal or Bitcoin

  • Boat Repairs and Refinishing

  • Boat door to door in entire Europe and some other many countries.

  • CE Certificates and Marking (EU Requirement)

  • New and Used boat parts

Ro-Ro shipping (Roll-on Roll-off) is the most popular boat trader international boat transport method used when boats are rolled while on their trailers on and off the ship. If a boat doesn’t have a trailer, we build a custom made shipping cradle. Oversized boats loaded on special flatbed, mafi or lowboy trailers. As roro shipping rates are always calculated in cubic meters, we remove archs, radars and towers to reduce boat shipping size. Shrink wrap protection film is used to protect boat in transit.

The Boat Trader company is the industry leader with over 350 of our loyal customer’s boats have been shipped last year out of Europe ports: Miami, Jacksonville, Brunswick, Baltimore, New York, Long Beach to many world wide ports in: Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Fremantle), Singapore, Middle East, New Zealand, South America, Russia, Egypt, Libya, South Korea, New Caledonia, Algeria, South Africa  and other countries. If you have questions about the process, our experienced customer service reps will answer any of your questions and guide you smoothly through the shipping process. Our shipping rates are very competitive.

Contact us To Get a Fast Free Shipping Quote

boat loading
boat loadings
boat loading in container
boat loading in container
ship's wheel

Boat door to door shipping

As part of our international boat export service, we provide our customers with inland or ground transportation from anywhere in Europe to our facility. We can pick up your boat or yacht from boat dealer, private seller, boat trader, our actions, liquidation auction, marina, e-Bay boat auction and more. We transport powerboats and sailboats up to 50′ long. All of our equipment is designed to adequately and safely support your boat and its accompanying structures such as a fly bridge or mast.When transporting a boat from marina to our prep center, we make sure a marina or boatyard with at least 14′ overhead clearance on its approach. Legal height limit is 13’6″ meaning when the boat is on our trailer that is what the overall height is. If the boat height is 12′ we are within the legal height limitations. If your boat is over 12′ high, we can be take off a fly bridge or bow culpit or we can stick the keel into the trailer, which will also lower the overall height of the load. Boats that are over 8’6 wide are considered to be an “oversize load” and will require permits to be trucked in every EU country. Those permits will be obtained by us and are included as part of the hauling charges. Boats that are over 45' wide may require an “certified escort”. This too is a extra charges that will be included in your transport charges. The only time you will run into extra charges is if we are re-routed by the state when ordering the over sized permits. This will happen when there is road construction or some other detour that will not allow your boat to go on that particular road. When we are re-directed it adds additional mileage to the trip you will be charged per km over and above the mileage quoted in your contract for this particular haul. For your convenience we have various boat trailers that are sure to fit your needs. All equipment is air-ride in order to allow a smooth ride for the over the road transport of your boat. Our 53′ low boy or belly trailer can safely support large over sized boats or multiple boats thereby lowering your boat transport cost. Our 45′ hydraulic trailer can self-load and unload power and sailboats of any size. As long as we can get the rig in your yard you supply the blocking and/or jack stands and the boat is where you want it to be. If your boat or yacht doesn’t have a trailer, no worries, we will provide ours.

ship's wheel

Containerized Boat Shipping

Container international boat shipping method we use when a boat is too wide to be rolled straight inside the shipping container. We turn a boat on it’s side and safely load inside a 40’HC container using tilt method and custom made shipping cradle. Fuel, oil, water are drained, tops, windshields are removed if needed, batteries disconnected. Boat trader’s most economical boat transport method when multiple boats with trailers are shipped inside the same shipping container.

As you are aware, there are many ways to ship a boat from EU overseas, if your boat has a beam (width) of less than 8’6” or (102′) (2.59 meters), and is less than 36′ in total length, one method stands out as being more cost effective than any other methods. Shipping one or more boats inside a shipping container has proven to be an economical method for years, but shipping boats with a beam larger then 7’5″ wide has always been difficult. But with our many years of experience, and proven packing and loading methods, not only is shipping larger boats possible, it is safer than ever.

With the fabrication of a steel shipping cradle, that is fitted to match your boat specifications, we can load your boat into the container by loading the boat on an angle. We can accommodate for instance large 28′ power boat with 2 jet skis including their trailers or 25′ fishing boat together with 17′ bow rider with their trailers inside the same 40′ HC shipping container. These custom made shipping cradles, combined with specialized strap and support systems designed by us, you can rest assure your boat will arrive safe and damage free.

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