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Container international boat shipping method we use when a boat is too wide to be rolled straight inside the shipping container. We turn a boat on it’s side and safely load inside a 40’HC container using tilt method and custom made shipping cradle. Fuel, oil, water are drained, tops, windshields are removed if needed, batteries disconnected. Boat trader’s most economical boat transport method when multiple boats with trailers are shipped inside the same shipping container.

As you are aware, there are many ways to ship a boat from EU overseas, if your boat has a beam (width) of less than 8’6” or (102′) (2.59 meters), and is less than 36′ in total length, one method stands out as being more cost effective than any other methods. Shipping one or more boats inside a shipping container has proven to be an economical method for years, but shipping boats with a beam larger then 7’5″ wide has always been difficult. But with our many years of experience, and proven packing and loading methods, not only is shipping larger boats possible, it is safer than ever.

With the fabrication of a steel shipping cradle, that is fitted to match your boat specifications, we can load your boat into the container by loading the boat on an angle. We can accommodate for instance large 28′ power boat with 2 jet skis including their trailers or 25′ fishing boat together with 17′ bow rider with their trailers inside the same 40′ HC shipping container. These custom made shipping cradles, combined with specialized strap and support systems designed by us, you can rest assure your boat will arrive safe and damage free.

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Nautic News!


The Salon Nautic Paris International Boat Show gathers every year, at the beginning of December, all the sectors of the nautical industries. It becomes on this occasion the largest indoor port in France and one of the most important boat shows of its kind in the world.

From Saturday 5 to Sunday 13 December 2024, you will find all kinds of sailing and motor boats, water sports, nautical equipment, new technologies, boat rental services, tourism and fishing at the Porte de Versailles.

info nautic
Info nautic

Salon Nautic Paris Videos!

- Espace dédié aux énergies alternatives (électricité, hydrogène…), matériaux biodégradables, nouveaux usages écologiques (reconditionnement, dispositifs autonomes, économie circulaire…)

- Sensibilisation à l’environnement au travers de l’exposition Océan

- Filière de déconstruction des bateaux (APER)

- Volvo, partenaire officiel : expérience 100% électrique

10/12/2022 - L'innovation pour un nautisme engagé

6/12/2021 - A la rencontre des exposants

04/12/2021 - Un retour à la Porte de Versailles

BEST-OF 2019

Un condensé des 9 jours du Nautic 2019 ! 

Embarquez pour la quatrième journée du Nautic 2019 ! Quand les visites de bateaux te donnent envie de prendre le large... Direction le Spot pour une session wakeboard !

Pour ce dernier épisode, Jean va à la rencontre des exposants de cette 59ème édition.... et ce loustic a même tenté de dérober un bateau. Merci à tous d'avoir suivi nos vidéos, et à l'année prochaine !

le public au rendez-vous malgré les difficultés d'accès, déjà des moments intenses pour le public et les exposants !

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