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ship's wheel

About Us

Hello Boat Trader!

A brokerage department buying sale of boats occasions: On simple call we can make a free estimate of your boat.
A service and maintenance department of your boat:
A department buying and selling moorings.
A management department of your boat.
To attach the services of our company is the assurance of a confidence based on the respect and the quality of our services.

Sell your boat with us for peace of mind, and we will take care of everything.

The Boat Trader Company makes every effort to sell your boat efficiently and quickly:

  - professional yacht brokerage network,
  - multi-dimensional communication strategy,
  - «boat wizard» or «yacht village» systems,
  - social networks.



We handle all transactions from inventory to delivery, including our services that involves the coordination of the technical interventions along with the customs or freight formalities.

The Boat Trader Company has more than 30 years of Marine Industry Experience. We specialize in boat shipping, boat export (loading, packing), parts supply, custom made cradles and (escrow brokerage services).

We’ve developed a unique method to load boats with dimensions of up to 39’ length and up to 8’6” beam inside standard 40’HC container. This technique saves our customers on average 30%-40% on international boat shipping cost compared to Ro-Ro (Roll-on, Roll-off) and Lo-Lo (Lift-on, Lift-off) shipping methods that we use as well when a boat is too large for container.

The Boat Trader Company employ the factory trained marine technicians that have many years of experience and certifications. We can assure that your boat will be taken care of with the highest level of service and care on the market. We are committed to provide a highest quality service at reasonable cost. Our goal and philosophy is to build mutually beneficial relationships with our current and future clients for many years to come.

Services that we offer but not limited to:
  Boat door to door shipping on Europe territory
  Boat International Shipping/Export
  Boat Container Services (International Shipping)
  Ro-Ro (Roll-on Roll-off) (International Shipping)
  Lo-Lo (Lift-on Lift-off) (International Shipping)
  Boat Shipping Cradles (International Shipping)
  Boat Packing and Loading into Container or on the Cradle (International Shipping)
  Ocean Freight Purchase (Partners with USA Inter Cargo)
  Boat Inland Transportation
  Boat and Marine Insurance
  Boat Purchase Services (Escrow brokerage Service with secure payments by PayPal, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin)
  Boat Repairs and Refinishing
  Boat Parts Supply
  CE Certificates and Marking (EU Requirement)

  The Best Boats & Yacht Broker
  Brokerage and boats maintenance
  New and Used boat parts and Spares

Expert Broker Guidance For Buyers and Sellers of Motor Yachts!


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